St. Stephen's Fellowship

St. Stephen’s Fellowship is Grace Episcopal Church's young adults group for men, women, singles, couples, professionals, and families. The purpose of the group is to increase the presence of young adults at Grace and to foster the spiritual growth of young adults in the West Palm Beach area. In addition to frequent brunches on Sunday, members of the Fellowship organize dinner parties, meet-ups, community service projects, and other events for persons of any denomination or belief interested in increasing their commitment to God and the Christian faith.

Fifth Sunday Service:
Every fifth Sunday, St. Stephen’s Fellowship takes over the 10 a.m. service. Its members read the scriptures and prayers, usher, and provide reflections on the readings. On occasion, members may also present a dramatic presentation, dance, poem, or other form of praise.

To witness to God's love and goodness in our lives; to meet the spiritual needs of our multi-cultural community with flexibility and thoughtfulness; to welcome visitors with warmth and dignity, and engage new members in suitable ministries; to fulfill God's purpose by working tirelessly as good servants and stewards both in the Church and in the community.

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