Service Ministries

Lectors & Chalice Bearers

Lectors are trained volunteers who have a spiritual gift for reading the scriptures aloud to the congregation at regular worship and special services of the church. They introduce and deliver Old and New Testament readings in a respectful and professional manner, ensuring the meaning of the scripture is not compromised.
A Chalice Bearer, or Lay Eucharistic Minister, is one who assists with distributing the wine during Holy Communion. It is an honor and solemn responsibility to present the sacred readings and distribute the wine in the context of worship. Chalice bearers are trained and commissioned to assist clergy on the altar during regular worship and special services. Chalice Bearers represent a solemn, and outward, visible sign of lay persons' role in in our church.

Altar Guild

One of the most important ministries in the Episcopal church is the Altar Guild. The Altar is the center of worship and praise in the Episcopal church which must be routinely cleaned and prepared by a team of very dedicated people. Members of the Altar Guild prepare the Altar for all services, including Baptisms, the Eucharist, Weddings, Burials, and Memorials. They clean the communion vessels, wash the linens, dust, care for the candles, and polish the silverware. They care for the clergy vestments and inventory. Members of the Altar Guild must be approved by the Rector and training sessions are held on an on-going basis.


Grace's Choir is led by Organist and Choir Director Richard DeMone, a graduate of Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut and Harvard University Graduate School of Education. Steeped in cultural diversity, the music of Grace's choir reflects an uncommon cultural range. Its music ranges all the way from traditional Anglican chant to standard choral music, contemporary selections, Calypso rhythms, spirituals, and almost any other genre you could imagine.


The Usher's Ministry is led by Judith Deal. Ushers are trained volunteers who assist the priest, help maintain a matter of reverence to regular worship and special services, meet and greet attendees warmly, receive offerings, and orchestrate movement before and during the service. Ushers are also responsible for keeping the formal record and count of members and visitors to the church each Sunday, returning young children to their parents after church service, and ensuring that communion proceeds smoothly and that persons with disabilities are properly attended.


An Acolyte is specially appointed by the Church to assist the deacon and to minister to the priest. His duty is to attend to the service of the altar and to assist as needed in the celebration of the Mass.

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