Community Outreach

Edward J. Healey Rehab and Nursing Center

Each year, Grace hosts an Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for residents of the Edward J. Healey Rehab/Nursing Center. Members of the church volunteer to assist with menu planning, food preparation, serving, and donation of food items or funds for the purchase of food. Volunteers also entertain and engage our guests before and after the meal is served. In anticipation of Christmas, residents of the Center also receive a Christmas gift from the church. Recently, the program has expanded to include elderly members of the congregation as dinner guests and donations are used to also purchase gifts for members of the congregation who reside in other Rehab/Nursing Centers.

Pillowcase Dress Outreach Ministry

The Pillowcase Dress Ministry launched in January 2015 with the goal to design and sow 500 dresses from pillowcases for orphans in developing countries.
Some of the children are found living in the streets and eating from garbage dumps, and others are simply abandoned at the orphanage by family members unable to care for them because of a disability or due to the financial constraints of adding one more child to the household.
The ministry team met an average of two Saturdays each month and completed 319 dresses in seven months. In September 2015, the dresses were blessed and presented to the Angels of Hope organization. All 319 dresses have been delivered to orphanages in Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. The remaining 200 dresses will go to orphanages in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

Math Tutoring Services

Available on Saturdays from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM by appointment for children through age 15 needing help with basic math, algebra and geometry. Kids outside of the church are also welcome. (Call Shawn McIntosh at 954-937-6566 or email shawnmcintosh@comcast.net for an appointment.)



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